Q. How Much does Social Media Management cost?

A. Another question, how much of an impact will it make on your business? It really depends on the complexity of your business, number of post you are wanting to be made along with custom graphics or custom video clips. We have a method, a management platform but pricing is a moving target for custom work. You can work with publishing mills, but the content may seem irrelevant or disconnected by your followers. We consider our post "craft" and made with a local touch.


Q. How Much Does Website Design cost?

A. It depends on the goal. End-toEnd platforms or a custom site from the top down can vary in cost significantly. While the average cost of our websites are between $600 and $1,000 dollars, we've had clients that have requested us to create all the content, create stock photos, videos and branding that can cost in the thousands. We're fine with payment arrangements as well. For most of our work, we don't charge anything upfront, but we don't hand the keys over until a payment arrangement has been agreed upon.


Q. Do you Give back?

A. We give back 10% of all gross revenue to charity. We have a firm belief in doing business in the community we live in and giving back in the community we live in.


Q. What Is Hyperlocal?

A. Hyperlocal (hy·per·lo·cal) is by definition concerning everything local. We believe that by doing business in the city we live and work in, we are creating a synergy between our clients, making connections and creating content that is extremely relevant and fresh and on point.