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Made Local

Local PR is, local. We know and live in our community. We only work with clients locally and when we partner on projects, we work with local businesses. We love our community, living where you and your clients live, we have won half the battle, knowing your audience. Organic, local marketing is a huge deal. Living in the same place you market to, kind of helps.

Made Likable

Social Media is like huge cocktail party as said by Dave Kerpen in his book, Likable Social Media. There are likable people who are great listeners, tell great stories and are people you come to genuinely like. Then there are generally some unlikable people who don't listen, talk your ear off and have that terrible laugh while they try to sell you something.

Good thing, you know us. With our social media services, we'll help your company become likable.


“When you want to be heard, try listening more."

Justin | Co-Founder



Local PR specializes in Social Media and Website Design. We offer a range of helpful services to help you leverage your communication more effectively. Whether you have a marketing budget you want us to help you manage, have us manage your social media profiles or hire us to teach your team to be more likable on social media and learn a few tricks.

Social Media Management

We take a targeted approach to managing your social media profiles. We'll come to your place of business, meet you, your team and learn what your "why" is. Why do you do what you do. Having a grip-hold on your "why" will change how you see your organization and how your audience sees you. We can manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

 Web Design


In the age of the modern business, it's more cost effective to use end-to-end website platforms such as Squarespace or WordPress. We're able to design custom CSS/HTML websites as well. We have built websites for all types of businesses including cpas, contractors, lawyers, non-profit organizations, and churches.

Reporting & Analytics

Data is everything. Where is your traffic coming from? What are people looking for? Who's your audiance? What are people most interested in? Where should marketing dollars be invested and are your marketing dollars "well" spent? 

These are all valid and real questions businesses ask themselves but knowing how to unlock the data is key. Local PR will help you listen more and create more effective marketing campaign. Do you already have data? We can mine it for you and create reports your looking for!

Graphics for Social Media & Advertisements

Sometimes a picture is more captivating than text, right? No, it's captivating all the time. We are designed to love beautiful things. Going through your timeline, you'll be surprised how often you stop because of a picture. It's almost impractical to "post" without a photo as a business. So we create graphics for our clients to be simple, captivating and cost effective. 

Cool Graphics.jpg

Custom Video Clips for Social Media and More

Fact, video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts on Facebook. You have a huge promotion and you're trying to get your message out, a 30-second clip may do the trick. Videos can make or break your campaign. Did you know that more than 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without audio? We design our clips to be watched with or without sound.


Professional Email & Cloud Solutions

Having a professional email is everything, especially for branding. We offer complete on-boarding and training for you and your organization. If you've been using another email service provider, we can help you export and import your emails, contacts and calendars depending on compatibility.